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Name:Numb3rs Fandom Recommendations
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Welcome to Numb3rs Fandom Recommendations, a recommendation community for everything Numb3rs -- Fan Fiction, Graphics, Music Videos, Websites, Episodes . . . That’s right, anything goes here!


General Community:

1. You must be a member to post, though not to comment.

2. This is a rec comm, not an announcement or pimping comm, so please do not rec your own work.

3. All posts will be memoried and tagged for ease of finding them later on.

4. If you can’t find the fic you’re looking for, check out numb3rsficfind.


5. You may rec anything Numb3rs-related -- Fan Fiction, Graphics, Music Videos, Websites, Episodes . . .

6. Any genre, pairing/character, or rating may be rec’d here, including RPF and crossovers.

7. Subject line: The names of the fic, vids, etc that you’re rec’ing, separated by commas.

8. Use the following format by copying and pasting it into your post. If you’re rec’ing a vid or an episode, tweak the code as needed.

9. If you’re making more than two recs in a single post, please place anything more than the two behind a cut.


Recommendation Comms:ncisficrecs and slashfanficrecs.

Numb3rs Comms:broth3rs, bunnyadoption, don_robin, eppes_slash, n3_kinkmeme, n3fanficart100, n3rs_commentfic, numb3rs_awards, numb3rs_bigbang, numb3rs_notice, numb3rs_podfic, numb3rs_revival, numb3rs_slash, numb3rsfemslash, numb3rsficathon, numb3rsficfind, numb3rsflashfic, numb3rswom3n, numb3rswriteoff and wolf_tickets.

If you want to be an Affiliate, please contact me.

For additional Numb3rs Communities: Guide to Numb3rs on LiveJournal.

Moderator: spikedluv

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