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Author: [livejournal.com profile] sour_louise

[livejournal.com profile] sour_louise has given us some amazing Don/Colby fic. Her writing is beautiful and her stories are both hot (with some lovely kink) and heartbreakingly angsty. (She’s also written David/Colby.)

Check out all of [livejournal.com profile] sour_louise’s fic at her Fic Master List.

Artist: [livejournal.com profile] anuminis

[livejournal.com profile] anuminis has created some lovely Don/Colby graphics. One of my favorites is this Don/Colby wallpaper, as well as this icon I'm using. *points to icon*

All of her graphics can be found under her Colby/Don tag or at [livejournal.com profile] colby_don.

Episode: 4.01 Trust Metric

It was tough to narrow down my favorite Don/Colby episode, especially as I’m partial to Don giving Colby nicknames, like ‘Colb’ and ‘Idaho’ *g*, but I went with Trust Metric because Colby calling Don showed how much Colby trusted Don, even though he knew that Don had no reason to trust him. Plus, the image of Don rewatching Colby’s interrogation tape, looking for something, some explanation of how he missed Colby being a traitor, or some sign that it was all a big fat lie. And then giving Colby the benefit of the doubt at the end (because none of them really wanted to believe that Colby had been a traitor), and rushing to the rescue, getting there just in time to save his life . . . . Yeah, that has to be one of the best Don/Colby eps.
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I’ve rec’d several David/Colby fic here already during other challenges, so I’m gonna mix it up a little bit and try not to rec something I’ve already rec’d. *deep breath*

LJ Comm:

Name: [livejournal.com profile] wolf_tickets
Mod: [livejournal.com profile] dsudis
Pairing/Characters: David/Colby
Why I'm reccing this comm: It’s the only David/Colby community out there and this is a pairing that needs more love!

Episodic Moment:

One of my favorite canonical David/Colby (in my mind, anyway *g*) moments is when David returns the fishing lure to Colby (hangs it on Colby’s lamp) in Velocity. Just realizing that David took the lure knowing how much it meant to Colby, despite the fact that he felt betrayed by Colby (those tears in The Janus List are also a favorite moment), makes my heart ache and makes me squee happily at the same time.


Title: Just Got To
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sour_louise
Pairing/Characters: David/Colby
Rating: PG13
Length: ~425 words
Why I'm reccing this fic: This is a fun fic that makes you smile at the beginning, then go ‘awwww’ at the end.

Just Got To
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There have been a lot of great eps over the past three seasons, but I still think that the first season was the best, and of course, my favorite eps include a lot of Don-Charlie interaction, so I'm going to rec three eps from season one. I figure, once I've got you hooked we can check out some season two and three eps. *g*

1. 1.02 Uncertainty Principle: If Charlie's expression when he fears that Don may have been shot and Charlie later helping Don with his tac vest aren't enough, you've got great action sequences, tantalizing glimpses into the Eppes family's past, and one of my very favorite things - an Eppes family tag.

2. 1.07 Counterfeit Reality: More hints about Don and Charlie's relationship, or non-relationship, in the past when Don's ex shows up. I love Charlie trying to find out everything he can about Kim, his 'you had cool stuff', and the fact that the brothers are getting closer.

3. 1.09 Sniper Zero: Alan telling Don that Charlie can't say 'no' to him, and Don at the end, yelling for Charlie and running to him and grabbing him to make sure he's all right...
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Okay, I've been putting off this post because I was gonna write something long and profound, but I'll just go with this --

1. Uncertainty Principle - Great action, characterization, family moments.
2. Sniper Zero - Great guest star, wonderful dynamic for showing the math world conflicting with the FBI world.
3. Spree/Two Daughters - Strong story and guest stars, excellent character moments.
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I often think that the writers in Numb3rs have no idea what to do with Amita, but I think she shone in "Harvest."  She had to look at her own family background, which she had steadfastly ignored, and also try to comfort a girl who's afraid for her sister.  Even liked her quick kiss to Charlie and "You really are a genius." :)
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I'm going to limit myself to one per season (very, very hard!).

Season 1 - the scene at the end of Structural Corruption, where Charlie is brooding in the eatery. Alan looks at Don and has a whole conversation with him in that one look. Don obediently distracts Charlie by mentioning Occam's Razor.

Season 2 - has to be Protest, of course. *The* Alan episode of the show so far, IMO. And predictably, I'm going with the scene at the end *g* Favourite exchange is the "Commie", "G-Man" one between Don and Alan. (And for trivia fans, that is a real pic of Judd Hirsch on the front of his FBI file).

Season 3 - I'm going for Provenance here. It was harder to pick something this time, because they've moved the focus away from Eppes family scenes in this season :pouts: But I like the way Charlie is at odds with Alan in this one, over the house etc. And the final scene, where Don comes home to find Alan, Larry and Charlie have started without him, and Alan uses an Einstein-esque quote was good.

Thinking about it, Judd Hirsch portrays Alan brilliantly throughout the series and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes they were part of the extended Eppes family, because of him...
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Um, not sure if I need spoilers for a S3 ep, so I'll put this behind a cut for safety's sake.

Read more... )
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Edgerton is, well, edgy. Sometimes he makes me smile, sometimes his know-it-all attitude annoys me, and yet other times he scares me just a little bit because, you just can never know with him, right? Here are my three favorite Edgerton moments from the series. Because I’m more of a Don, Charlie, Don/Charlie fan than an Edgerton fan, my favorite moments revolve around Edgerton’s interaction with the Eppes boys.

Title: Sniper Zero: Edgerton and The Professor
Scene: The first meeting between Charlie and Edgerton

Edgerton: But yours was a good guess, too.
Charlie: It wasn’t a guess, it was more of an estimate.

Why I'm rec’ing this scene: I love it when Charlie gets all riled up and protective and defensive about his math, and Edgerton just pushes all his buttons. This is not the only scene in Edgerton’s eps where he and Charlie spark, in fact, not even the only scene in this ep, but it was their first meeting, so I had to choose it.

Title: Toxin: Edgerton and the Eppes boys
Scene: Don and Charlie arriving at Sibley

Edgerton: Professor and Agent Eppes, how can I not learn something today?

Why I'm rec’ing this scene: Edgerton always seems so happy to see Don and Charlie that it makes my day! His later comment in this very ep, I have the best time with you guys. is indicative of why he’s happy to see them. It’s never boring with Don and Charlie around.

Title: Two Daughters: Edgerton and Buck
Scene (off-screen): Edgerton getting information about Megan out of Buck anyway he has to.

(Don’s closing all the blinds in the interview room)
Don: You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what I want to know.
Buck: That’s all right, I got all day.
Don: Well I don’t, and that should worry you.
Buck: Yeah? Why?
Don: ‘Cause nothing matters to me except getting my agent back, and I’ve got very little time, and you’re my only lead.
Buck: So what? What’re you gonna do, you gonna beat me up?
Don: I’ve never beaten a prisoner in my life, but if you don’t tell me what I want to know by the time I walk out of that door, it’s out of my hands.
Buck: I’m not telling you anything.
(Don walks out, Edgerton walks in and closes the last blind)

Why I'm rec’ing this scene: The fact that Edgerton will do what he has to thrills me a little bit, and scares me a lot.
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These are my top three H/C moments of Numb3rs, and they all just happen to fall during season one, and include Don and Charlie. Go figure. *g*

Title: 1.03 Vector
Characters: Don, Charlie
Scene: Charlie and Don on the porch
Why I'm reccing this scene: This ep was full of some wonderful hurt moments, Don finding out that Charlie had consulted for the NSA and never told him, Charlie being reminded of his mother’s illness, and that scene in the hospital where Don tells Charlie he can’t keep a secret, which is just rife with undercurrents, things that happened when they were younger, things we can only guess at. The scene at the end, when Don shows up for a beer and tells Charlie that he knows how your mind works. I think your mind works pretty well. All right, I-I wouldn’t have it any other way. just makes my toes curl with happiness.

Title: 1.07 Counterfeit Reality
Characters: Don, Charlie
Scene: Charlie and Don in Don’s apartment
Why I'm reccing this scene: The hurt in this ep was palpable: Charlie not knowing about Kim, Kim and Don seeing each other again and having to work together despite their unresolved issues, Don going through his memories and remembering what he could have had. His Family first, right? comment always gets to me. But the moment when Don admits that he and Charlie aren’t in two different worlds so much lately, and Charlie tells Don that he’s learned a lot from him, and then Don invites Charlie to stay and watch the end of the movie with him, seeing all that emotion on Charlie’s face makes me get a little bit teary-eyed myself.

Title: 1.09 Sniper Zero
Characters: Don, Charlie
Scene: Charlie getting shot at
Why I'm reccing this scene: Don screaming Charlie, get down!, racing to him after the shot, after David has knocked Charlie to the ground, pulling Charlie into his lap and making sure he’s all right... That just really hits my buttons.


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