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StatsGrandma has been writing Numb3rs fic since 2006. She's written a few wonderful one-shots, but her "Their Days are Numb3red" epic, beginning with "The Life of Gram" is really a must-read. Stats is a biostatistics professor and she's one of the few authors I've read who really knows what Charlie, Amita and Larry are talking about! Her series has grown along its own path, and by now I would classify it as AU. But she really understands the characters, and her portrayal of their family life is truly amazing! She only posts at Fanrush, but I'm hearing rumors that she's setting up her own website where her fiction will continue into the future.

Here's a link to her master list at Fanrush: StatsGrandma's fic

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Title: All that Heaven Will Allow
Author: StatsGrandma
Pairing/Characters: Charlie/Amita; past Charlie/Susan; ensemble cast
Rating: G
Why I'm reccing this fic: Because StatsGrandma's continuing saga of the Eppes family has brought pleasure to readers for years now, and this segment has the return of Susan Berry in a way that causes a lot of trouble for the happy family. By this time in the saga, Charlie and Amita are happily married and have a daughter, Mara. Don has discovered he has a 13 year old daughter, Sydney, from a previous relationship. Sydney's mother has passed away, and Sydney now lives with Don. Sorry for the long summary, but coming into the middle of Stats' saga is like starting to watch a soap opera. There's a lot of catching up to do.

This link is to the master list of StatsGrandma's stories. Just scroll down to the title "All that Heaven Will Allow," to read the Susan Berry story. But you will enjoy the entire ongoing epic.

StatsGrandma's Master List
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Title: Multiple titles
Pairing/Characters:Charlie/Amita, Don/Robin, Don/Karen Fisher, Larry/Megan and many more
Why I'm reccing this fic:Statsgrandma is a natural born storyteller besides being a PhD and biostatistics college professor. She actually understands what Charlie and Amita are talking about! Over 500 chapters so far, this epic is about as mega as a mega 'verse can be.

Statsgrandma's Numb3rs stories
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Series Author: StatsGrandma
Series Title: I don't believe the series itself has a title. She writes it in segments of varying length
Rating: PG
Length: Long and working on infinity
Characters:  The whole Numb3rs ensemble plus some very nice original characters

Why I'm reccing this fic: StatsGrandma is an amazing writer with a wonderful grasp of what Numb3rs is all about. She understands family issues, but she also understands the math.

An Index of StatsGrandma's fic



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